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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Revolt Week 2

I recently joined Revolt Now Fitness in an effort to re-vamp my weight loss. The idea is to revolt against your weight and current lifestyle. The plan basically runs in six week spurts (uprisings) with weekly meal plans that you prepare Sunday to make it easier on you for the week and daily exercises. Saturday is a free day. Since I'm breastfeeding, I opted not to detox and just jump in with the first week's meal plan because I don't want to inadvertently lower my milk supply again, on the advice of Nichole Huntsman, Revolt's founder.

Week Two weigh in: 204.7 - I've decided to only post measurements and photos at the end of each uprising.

Well, let's just say that I went from 205.2 when I started to 203.6 at my first weigh in last week. I was doing super awesome and the exercises were kicking my butt. That is until the weekend. While Saturday was a free day, I actually ate really well, but Sunday was an entirely different story. My daughter's baptism was on Sunday and we had all sorts of family in town and while I did make the food, it wasn't that great for you. Then, on Monday we went to Cici's for dinner and that definitely isn't clean eating!

But, every day is a new day and even though I fell off the wagon for a few days, I'm just going to jump back on. Since I wasn't able to prepare any meals for the week, I'm just going to do my best to prepare them on a daily basis. Hopefully there will be better results next week!

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