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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Meet My May Sponsors!

I’d like to introduce you to several of my sponsors this month. Please check these ladies out!

 photo krystalblogpic_zps48860ed5.jpg

Krystal blogs over at My Life of Travels and Adventures. I love reading her blog because she lives in Philly and it’s really nice hearing about her adventures where I used to live!

Some fun facts about Krystal:

I am training for a half marathon over Memorial Day weekend.... I hate running.

We sold our house and are moving at the beginning of June... We will be staying with my parents for a bit. Help me!

I have lived in Philadelphia for 8 years now and still do not like Philly Cheesesteaks.

Megan blogs over at They Call Me Mommi. She's the mother to two adorable boys who also happen to be my nephews!

Some facts about Megan:

I am a Twenty-something wife & WAHM with 2 amazing boys!
I am a very bubbly, energetic and optimistic person who loves to write about her life, kids and share some great giveaways/reviews with my readers. I've been blogging for going on 4 years on many different websites, but my current blog is by far my favorite - They Call Me Mommi was inspired by my boys, because in Fact, they really do call me Mommi :)

I tend to put more on my plate than I can handle - but I wouldn't have it any other way. I am currently starting my own Travel Business, I am an Independent Sales Consultant for Scentsy and I am thinking of starting a local children's event newsletter & Website. On top of that I am also planning on homeschooling my oldest child this upcoming school year. I am getting more involved in my sons Boy Scout group, was just chosen to be the Social Media Manager for our troop - trying to accomplish all this on top of cleaning the house, cooking and spending time with the hubby is a lot!  But who needs sleep, right?

 photo profile_zps31c09121.jpeg

Natalee blogs over at Eat, Nap, Play. I love her blog because she writes about a little of everything, just like me.

Some fun facts about Natalee:

I am a big science geek. I work as a clinical laboratory scientist.

I would rather sleep in a few extra minutes than take the time to put on make-up or do my hair every day. Beach waves every day!

I am addicted to social media. I would be lost without my Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and email accounts.

 photo photo131_zpse0ab2a8b.jpg

Meagan blogs over at Healthy, Skinny, Bitch. I love her blog because her weight loss is so inspiring!

Some fun facts about Meagan:

I recently dropped my Psychology major after 4 years to pursue my lifelong passion for the arts and obtain a degree in Graphic Design. It's quite the change but one I am so glad I made!

I have been dancing since I was 3 years old and continue to this day with an Adult Combo class - we do every style imaginable and get the opportunity to perform 3 times a year!

My blog is a mix of everything - I talk about every day happenings, my love of positivity, and especially my ongoing weight loss journey. 65 pounds down, 40 to go!

 photo DSC_0484_zps880e0501.jpg

Bekah blogs over at re-solve. I love her blog because she’s all about being green, like me!

My favorite random number is 72.

I have had two pet rabbits, both named after characters from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

I am addicted to Margherita Pizza.

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