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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Cecily's Six Month Appointment

I took the afternoon off yesterday to take Cecily to her six month doctor's appointment. She weighs 15 lbs 9oz (33% percentile) and is 26 inches (50%). She's definitely bigger than Ewan was at this age - I can't remember his height and weight at this point, but I know that he was in the 20th percentile range for both! The best part? All on Momma's milk :-)

Taken yesterday with her BFF Samantha at a local ice cream shop. Samantha is nine days older! 
Miss Cecily is now sitting up on her own, although she does occasionally wobble and fall and she's rolling all over the place. She's still the happiest baby EVER, almost always smiling and laughing, particularly at her big brother. 

The best part about her appointment? I discovered she finally cut her first tooth! She's been gnawing on everything in sight, so I was wondering when it would happen. While at the doctor, she grabbed my finger to gnaw on and I felt something hard coming out of her gums. Sure enough, there was a tooth!

I can't believe she will be seven months old in a few short weeks. My baby girl is growing up way too fast!


  1. My Annalee finally cut two teeth! She gnawed and slobbered forever but they finally came through.
    Glad her appointment went well :)

  2. love the picture. congrats on the tooth! my Gabbie didn't get a tooth till she was almost a year old!

  3. awww she is a cutie!! I found you through the blog hop. Following you! Love your blog!



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