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Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday's Letters

Dear Special Monthly Visitor: SO not cool that you have come back at only six months postpartum. I was hoping that since I'm exclusively breastfeeding Cecily, I wouldn't have to worry about you for at least a year.

Dear JCP Portraits: Thanks for the crappy photos your crappy photographer took. It was supposed to be Cecily's six month photos and we have ONE crappy photo to show for it. Please hire better photographers who are good with children. The only reason we came there in the first place was because I had a Groupon. We will not be returning.

Dear Ewan: I am so proud of you for peeing on the potty all this week. I know that we're only at the beginning of potty training, but I hope everything stays this way!

Dear Cecily: You turned six months old yesterday, I can't believe it. I love you little girl!

Dear Weekend: Please slow down, I enjoy you too much!


  1. Sorry you special friend is back soo soon. BFing did not help mine stay away either.

  2. I hate that your monthly visitor is back so soon....but I guess at least you got a good 6 months out of it:)

  3. we've always had good luck with jcp portraits. sorry it didn't go so well for you!


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