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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Anyone Have the Answer?

I know, I know. I post about breastfeeding all the time. In my defense, this time I am freaking out. That's an understatement! When I pump at work, I almost always get 10-12oz, which has allowed me to build up a nice freezer stash that has barely been touched. Well, yesterday I was only able to pump 7oz, which is still good, but a drastic decrease from my normal pump output. So, I doubled my water intake today and got about the same. At the time, I'm not that upset about it because I figure something is just going on and I will build my supply back up no problem.

Until we got home.

I go to feed Cecily this evening and I can tell she's not getting much if anything. About an hour later, she wants to eat again and she just screams and she's not getting anything at all. I finally let Alan give her a bottle and I go to pump. Except that I don't get anything, not a drop, after pumping for 15 minutes. I also don't get anything when I try to hand express.

What. the. Heck?!

She ate normally this weekend and everything was fine. The only thing I can think of is that the steroids I've been on for my back have wreaked havoc on my hormones. Something like this doesn't just happen...does it?

We have been doing so awesome and I have been so proud of the fact that I have been able to exclusively breastfeed her. My goal is one year and I am determined to get there. However, my freezer stash won't last forever.



  1. it does sound like it's related to the meds. I'd keep drinking water, try oatmeal, and have cecily nurse as much as possible to get your supply back up. good luck.

  2. It could be the meds or did you/are you getting your period? Once I started getting that again, each month right before, my supply tanked but came back.

  3. Try drinking a milk shake....that always helped my supply.

  4. I had the same thing happen to me when I had the flu a couple of months ago. I took some cold/flu medicine at night and my supply tanked for a few days. I power pumped (pumped for 10 minutes, rested for 10, then pumped for 10 again, etc.) and drank lots of water and increased my calorie intake and my supply came back with a vengeance. Good luck!

  5. Along the lines of everyone else's suggestions... Try steel cut oats once a day. Lots of water and milk. Sounds like it could be due to the medication though.

  6. Ha - you know I am certainly NO expert...I'm sure it was just your meds. Looking into Fenugreek? I hear that helps as well :)

  7. Fenugreek helped me a lot, as well as Mother's Milk tea, when I was worried about my supply decreasing. Also, you might try increasing the frequency of your pumping. When I was home on the weekends, I always pumped after feeding, to keep my body used to the pump. I've also started pumping after feeding now, to increase my supply so I can supply other moms, which seems to have helped my supply. Keep your chin up sweetie. If you find you still have trouble, you might try Human Milk for Human Babies, on Facebook; they do milk sharing to match moms with supply trouble to moms who are producing extra. Hope this helps!

    1. Thanks Steph! I've started taking fenugreek, upped my water intake and have added a pumping session and it's slowly getting better. Now I know. Never, ever take medrol while breastfeeding!


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