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Monday, March 11, 2013

The Dark Side of Motherhood Part 1

I've been debating this post for awhile now, but it drives me crazy when all people see based on blog posts is a super perfect family with super perfect kids that never throw tantrums and are always cute and mommies that are always laughing and smiling and always put together.
So, with that...I give you what no one tells you about motherhood.

Sleep is for the Dogs

Yes, we all know you don't sleep with a newborn, or even with an older infant. But, what about when that newborn is now 2 and wakes up two hours after going to bed and screams bloody murder unless you bring him into bed with you and in the process wakes up your four month old who you now have to get back to sleep as well. Oh yeah, he also wakes up between 4-5 ready to go with milk and a waffle. Every. Day. Didn't think that would happen? Well, welcome to my house! I love my son dearly, but he has never slept well. Ever. Alan and I had to take turns sleeping in the glider with him for the first few weeks of his life and he hated the swing and bouncer as well. He had to be held all day long. When I was on maternity leave with him, I didn't shower or do anything except sit on the couch with my laptop until Alan got home from work because I couldn't put him down. We wound up co-sleeping by accident because we were so tired, and he wouldn't sleep in his crib and would sleep with us that we gave in. Once he got older, we were able to get him to sleep and then lay him down in crib where he would sleep for 4-5 hours before waking up and coming to our bed...that lasted from about 4 months until he was 10-11 months old. That lying him down stuff was all over once he could stand up. He would stand and just scream and scream. I'll admit it, I couldn't listen to it - it's still really hard - and I would just go get him. Let me tell you how fun it was to be 40 weeks pregnant sleeping with your husband and your toddler sleeping sideways in bed with you. Alan would rock him for hours every night to get him to sleep - it was absolutely ridiculous. It took until Alan was out of town for work and I was trying to get both kids to sleep and something just snapped in me and I said this craziness has to stop. I put him in bed and sat on the couch with Cecily bawling while he screamed and pounded on the door that first night. It was awful but I had to do something. It took three days, but now he goes to bed at his bedtime with no complaints. However, he wakes up in the middle of the night and if we don't get him almost immediately or try to get him to go back to sleep in his room, he starts screaming and crying and wakes up Cecily and we start with both of them all over again. Here's a little confession: I am so over it. I pray every day to find a solution because this lack of sleep definitely takes its toll on all of us.
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  1. Hey... Just popping over and following on GFC from last week's Aloha Friday Hop. I would love for you to stop by my blog if you have time and if you like follow too. :) Hope you're having a great week. :)

    Sleeping has definitely been one of my nemisis with our daughter. She is 5 now and we still have nights were she ends up in our bed just so we can get some sleep. It sucks!!


  2. I'm sure you do this now, but does he have a bedtime routine? Like bath, milk and book, then bed? Do you do the same thing every night in the same order at the same time? If not I'd try that for a week and se if that helps at all. Or maybe add some white noise in his room? Like a loud fan or humidifier? I can't sleep in silence! Hope he gets it figured out soon, hon!!!

  3. I found you at Team Ibrahim blog hop party! I really like your post about the "other" side of parenting. It is so true about what you say about the "perfect" looking blog. I am your newest follower. Feel free to stop by!

    Joanne @ Creative Mess

  4. I love the baroque design of your blog. Hello. I saw you at the Aloha Friday blog hop and I am your newest follower in GFC from I look forward to seeing you over at my blog next :)


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