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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Playtex Secrets

I'm very picky when it comes to selecting a bra. I'm, you can say,  well endowed, and I need a lot of support, which usually means I wind up with something that my grandmother would wear and it's uncomfortable to boot. Most of my bras dig into my shoulders and wind up sagging by the end of the day. When I received a BuzzAgent offer to try a Playtex Secrets Balconette Underwire bra, I was skeptical. It's available in cup sizes B through DDD and is designed to fit and flatter your shape. However, because I'm so big, this usually isn't the case for me.

But, when I first put on my new bra, I was shocked! Not only did it provide the support I need, but it was comfortable AND made me look smaller. I couldn't believe it. However, I needed to put it to the test for an entire day. Guess what? I still wasn't sagging at the end of the day! I am so excited about this bra and will definitely be purchasing another in the future!

Wearing my regular bra
Wearing my Playtex Secrets bra
 Playtex Secrets are available at Kohl's. The first five readers to email me will receive a $5 off coupon to try their own :-)_


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