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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

No Reply Blogger?!

Do you wonder why no one ever replies to your comments or have you ever heard you're a no-reply blogger? I was recently told by one of the blogs I follow that I was a no-reply blogger. I thought how could this be? I thought I had fixed that! Well, it turns out that if you switch your Blogger profile to Google+ it automatically makes you a no-reply blogger. Unfortunately, the only way I know to fix this is to switch back to using a Blogger profile. I've noticed that some of my new and old followers are no-reply bloggers and this makes me sad :(


To no longer be a no-reply blogger:

 Go to your Dashboard, click on edit profile and make sure you check show my email address. Don't forget to save your profile!


  1. I had this happen to me and i had a nice person point it out to me and help me change it and i'm glad they did. but now i'm sad b/c i have people following me but when i go to see their profile there's no blog link to go to. what's this mean?

    1. That person has to enter their website or allow their blog to be shown. It's aslo possible they just don't have a blog.

  2. You can also use and intergrate it into your blog :)

  3. This annoys me so much as well often its the people that leave questions that I want to answer but cant because I dont know their email address :( Thanks for this post hopefully it will help some people change their settings :)


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