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Thursday, March 7, 2013

I Spilled the Milk!

Breastmilk that is.


Yeah. Well, this girl did cry. I was doing my afternoon pumping session and as I was putting away my pump parts, I knocked the milk container over! It had almost 6oz in it and now it's down to 3oz :( I know that to some 3oz isn't a lot, but it's a third of what Cecily takes at daycare. I am so pissed at myself!

As any mother who has breastfed knows, and even some who don't or even non-mothers, breastmilk is like gold. Not only is it uniqely tailored to your child, giving them all the nutrients they need their first year of life, it can help with all sorts of ailments, from psoriasis to pinkeye (as Kim K recently learned on Kourtney & Kim Take Miami!).

We breastfeeding mommies that pump work hard for every ounce we get, drinking ridiculous amounts of water, eating well, staying away from our my beloved Starbucks and wine. Just so that beautiful baby can get the good stuff.

So yes, I promptly ran to the bathroom and cried over spilled milk. And you know what? That's perfectly ok.


  1. Just as you said - it's perfectly OK! It sucks, you got your cry on & now you're better, right? :)

  2. Ugh... been there. I feel your pain.

  3. Yes, I would have cried, too!!! I was a pumping mama, as well, so I know what hard work it is!!!

  4. I know exactly what you felt like. When I was breastfeeding I have split the milk after pumping and I cried as well.


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