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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

I Can't Believe I Missed It!

With all the craziness that's been going on in my house over the last few days with Alan being out of town, yes I can actually. But, Miss Cecily turned five months old yesterday!
 I said this all the time with Ewan, but where has the time gone? Alan likes to tell me this all the time, but in less than a month she'll be closer to a year than being a newborn. I love to watch my baby girl grow, but it's bittersweet since she will most likely be our last child, at least for several years. 

What is she up to? Well, she still has only rolled over a few times. She gets almost all the way and then is just content to stay there and suck her thumb. I haven't found anything that will give her enough incentive to roll over all the way. She is so her daddy's daughter, just laid back as can be :-) She's constantly smiling and sometimes we can get her laughing good. We call her Baby Dino because she's always sounding like a pterodactyl when she's smiling. Ewan was a pretty happy kid at this age, but she's always been this way and I love it! She's also sitting up in the bumbo for longer and longer periods of time and at this rate, I think she will be sitting up fairly soon, maybe even sooner than rolling over! And, double yay, she's gone back to her awesome sleeping habits, most nights only waking up once or maybe twice :-)

Love you Baby Girl!

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