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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Going Against the Grain

I've never been one to follow the "in crowd" - I have a tendency to always feel like an outsider in some respects because I tend to do my own thing. So, why should blogland be any different? Recently, several of my favorite (and large) bloggers have posted things that I don't necessarily agree with 100% but I know that most bloggers I interact with will follow along with this (and yes I've already spoken with several of these bloggers who have told me that that's just their opinion and to do whatever I want - don't worry, I will! :-) ). I know that this isn't the popular opinion and that is totally fine. Believe me, I'm used to not being the cool kid in class :-)

However, it has kind of made me feel like I'm back in 8th grade all over again and being ostracized and bullied because I'm not going to go along with what one or two, or three people say and do. Why do we as girls growing up (and now as women) have to be so catty to each other? Believe me, I have my moments too. But, I am also making a conscious effort not to import that onto my children. I know that they will see enough of it growing up and I feel that I need to stand as an example that it's ok not to follow what everyone else is doing and saying. Children are like sponges are learn by imitating - who do they imitate? Their parents!

What are some things that you do or don't do to set an example for your kids?


  1. I sure hope bloggers will all do what they want to do rather than following the super popular bloggers around!

  2. I try to teach my kids all of the time that we don't have to do what everyone else is doing. Brian and I are often criticized because of our frugal ways (taking our lunch every day, not buying gifts for each other, making our own things...etc.). However, we do what is best for us and our family and you should do the same! No one has to live your life, but you! No one has to deal with the consequences of your actions..but you!


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