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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Wedding Day

Several bloggers that I follow have posted about their wedding day recently and it got me thinking about mine, 3.5 years ago. I always post a few photos of my wedding day on our anniversary, but I thought I would post several of my favorites and not before seen pics.

The day was chilly, and turned rainy after the ceremony. But, it was beautiful and everything turned out wonderfully. We got married at the church my family has gone to beginning with my great-grandparents. THe reception was at the historic Women's Club in my hometown. The theme was elegant harvest. Chocolate brown and ivory with fall accents were the colors. Don't forget the damask! It was incorporated into our invitations and into the chocolate curls on the cupcakes.

And my dress. Oh, how I loved it and still do. I remember when I bought it. I had planned on having several of my bridesmaids come out to PA to try on dresses with me, but I wanted my mom to be a part of it so we stopped at David's Bridal just to look while I was visiting over Christmas. I had several dresses in mind that I wanted to see but not the one I bought. When the consultant suggested it, I didn't even want to try it on, but eventually I did and bam! I knew that was it. I'm not one to make large purchases spontaneously, but I did that day. I remember coming back to my mom's and telling Alan that I bought a dress. He thought I was joking, but I so was not.

Photographs were taken by my good friend from college and awesome photographer, Sheena. Now that we live so much closer, we need to get together again girl!


  1. I love looking back at pictures from my wedding! Yours are gorgeous, but I always think that the most precious thing about pictures is the memories they hold.

    1. I know right :-) I love looking at our pictures and remembering that day!


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