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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Wedding Day

Several bloggers that I follow have posted about their wedding day recently and it got me thinking about mine, 3.5 years ago. I always post a few photos of my wedding day on our anniversary, but I thought I would post several of my favorites and not before seen pics.

The day was chilly, and turned rainy after the ceremony. But, it was beautiful and everything turned out wonderfully. We got married at the church my family has gone to beginning with my great-grandparents. THe reception was at the historic Women's Club in my hometown. The theme was elegant harvest. Chocolate brown and ivory with fall accents were the colors. Don't forget the damask! It was incorporated into our invitations and into the chocolate curls on the cupcakes.

And my dress. Oh, how I loved it and still do. I remember when I bought it. I had planned on having several of my bridesmaids come out to PA to try on dresses with me, but I wanted my mom to be a part of it so we stopped at David's Bridal just to look while I was visiting over Christmas. I had several dresses in mind that I wanted to see but not the one I bought. When the consultant suggested it, I didn't even want to try it on, but eventually I did and bam! I knew that was it. I'm not one to make large purchases spontaneously, but I did that day. I remember coming back to my mom's and telling Alan that I bought a dress. He thought I was joking, but I so was not.

Photographs were taken by my good friend from college and awesome photographer, Sheena. Now that we live so much closer, we need to get together again girl!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Chromebook Giveaway Bloggers Wanted!

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Alarm Clocks

Technology's way of telling us we need more sleep.

 I don't know about you but man I am exhausted lately! I'm sure getting up super early to do field work combined with Ewan not sleeping (again!) and Cecily waking up three times a night to eat definitely isn't helping. What I wouldn't give to sleep in til noon, just once more!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Four Months!

My sweet baby girl turned four months old on Monday. Um. What? It seems like she was JUST born. She's starting to roll over - she's done it a few times now - she laughs, in fact if you tickle her on her tummy she'll really start going; she's much more vocal and has started grabbing for objects. I know I'm going to blink and she'll be crawling. She's such a happy baby, always smiling for us and loves to cuddle. She also loves the boob and still won't take a bottle if I'm near, which while annoying at times, I love it. I'm so incredibly proud of myself that she hasn't had a drop of formula and I am doing my best to keep it that way. I am so so thankful that things have been so much better this time around!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans


This weekend was fairly nice and since we are all finally feeling somewhat better, we spent a lot of it outdoors. Saturday we took a family walk through our neighborhood, then Alan's parents stopped by on their way back to Louisville from seeing my brother and sister-in-law and their new baby boy, Cael. We were going to go out to dinner but Ewan fell asleep on the way, so we just picked up Fazoli's (still a treat!), a redbox and came home. Honestly, spending nights on the couch cuddling with my husband are some of the best and I would rather do that than go out most of the time :-)

Sunday we went to the early church service since Ewan has been getting up before the crack of dawn every morning. But, I don't think that will be happening again anytime soon. He was so grouchy, much worse than he is at the later service. I guess it's back to the rock concert we go! Since our tax refund came in, we went and got Alan a new laptop because his old one finally died. Ewan also got to see his uncle Chris, who was working at Best Buy. He had been talking about seeing him all morning so thank goodness he was there otherwise we would've been calling to see if we could stop by for a few!

After a quick lunch, we went to the zoo since it was so nice. While our zoo is TINY, I really like that it's open all year round so we can go in February when it's nice out. They had their annual orchid display going on in the Amazonia section so we checked that out and made a quick round through the rest of the zoo. Ewan loved it. He was so excited to see the animals, especially the zebras, giraffes and tiger. It was so cute to see him loving it so. This is the first time he's been that he's really been aware of what's going on. Love that kid! I also had Alan take my picture with Cecily in Amazonia like I had him do when Ewan was that age. Now we have yet another photo for our photo wall :-)

Ewan and I when he was four months old.
Cecily and I the day before she turns four months
I know it may seem lame to some but I wouldn't have it any other way :-) What all did you do this weekend?

Friday, February 22, 2013

Friday's Letters

Dear Kathie Lee and Hoda: You two crack me up. I forgot how much I loved watching you while on maternity leave.

Dear Cecily: My sweet, sweet baby girl. I am so so sorry you are sick. I love you so much and wish there was something more I could do to make you feel better.

Dear Colds and Flu: GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!!! I am so over you.

Dear Spring: Hurry up and get here please. I don't think I have ever been so ready for your arrival.

Monday, February 18, 2013

A Plague Upon This House!


That's right. We're sick. All of us. First, I had a really bad cold and then Alan, Ewan and Cecily got it. Then, Cecily developed pinkeye. And now? Now I have a stomach bug - I have a feeling it's norovirus. Boo! At this rate, both Alan and I are going to have used up all of our sick days for the year before March!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Blast from the Past

So in last week's Sunday Social it was all about your childhood, and the very first question was about your first car. Well, I couldn't find any photos of Sam the Shadow, so I thought they were all at my mom's. Then last night it hit me. I knew exactly where some photos were! So, without further...ado...

Sam the Shadow!

Shabby Apple

I was recently invited to become a Shabby Apple Affiliate - I'll be honest - I had never heard of Shabby Apple before, but once I checked out their site, I fell in love! Their clothes are retro inspired and I love them. They also have plus sizes, maternity, kids and home decor!

Here are some of my favorite items:

Charm SchoolCherry BlossomA Sure Combo
Embrace your inner 50s hostess in the Overboard dress.  Piped with perfect details, this blue and white gingham doll of a shirtdress will have you serving up trays of lobster rolls and summer punch and charming the masses in no time. The full a-line skirt falls just to the knee from the defined waistline, and a row of oversized buttons rises up the shirt front with bright white piping keeping them in line. Slip it on and set sail for the perfect summer getup. Crisp, clean lines of navy cotton combine with classic military detailing in the Carnival dress.  The double breasted bodice is finished with three contrasting buttons, while the wrap around skirt falls from the waist to create the perfect summer A-line.Circular coco beads penetrated by earthy textural lines form artistic chains of bold and natural color.

Friday's Letters

Dear Husband: That Valentine's Day card you made with Ewan and Cecily? Worth a million times more than anything else you could've given me. I love you so much!

Dear Ewan: Please stop getting up at 4AM wanting to go downstairs to watch cartoons and have milk and a waffle. I'm already exhausted with nighttime feedings with your sister and can't deal with that too.

Dear Cecily: I'm so sorry you have pinkeye. I love you baby girl!

Dear Crazy Indiana Weather: Cold or warm, I don't care. Just pick one. This every other day crap is wreaking havoc on my sinuses!

Dear Weekend: I am so glad we have nothing going on. It'll be so nice to just relax and not do anything!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

What did we do? Not much. Alan was home sick from work and I have a black eye from where Ewan accidentally kicked me this morning. So, our family dinner date has been postponed to the weekend. Gotta love it!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Valentine's Day Cards

One of the many things I want to do this year is spend some time with Ewan doing crafts. He loves art projects and is so proud of everything he brings home from daycare. I feel so guilty because I never have done anything other than color in his coloring books with him. Well, that changed this past weekend! On Sunday, Ewan and I made Valentine's Day cards for him and Cecily to take to daycare. I had seen the idea in Parents Magazine and I adapted it a bit for us.

Ewan glued the eyes onto the cards
Having some fun
The finished product
So proud of his work!

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