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Tuesday, January 29, 2013


I used to love thunderstorms...until I had kids. Now I cannot stand them, especially when they come through at night. All I can think about is how there's the possibility of tornadoes. Especially when they come through in the "off season." We've had awesome, way above normal temps here the last few days and now a line of storms is coming through that's going to make the temps drop dramatically. Normal temps for January are fine with me, as I love winter, but I'm terrified of the storm. Every time we have a storm come through like this, I stay up until it's over, just in case. I know Alan probably thinks I'm nuts, but I can't help it. Hurry up storms, I gotta work tomorrow!


  1. I'm with you, I hate thunderstorms!


  2. Hello! I found you on the blog hop, do you want to follower each other? I know what you mean about thunderstorms, we are lucky we don't get them bad here! New follower :o)



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