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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Ramsey Christmas and Ewan's Birthday

This past weekend we headed up to the Fort to see my family and celebrate our Christmas and Ewan's birthday. The weather was awesome on Saturday and we took the kids to the park near where I grew up and to see Johnny Appleseed's grave since Ewan is learning about him in daycare. I know he doesn't understand yet, but I feel it's important to expose him to things he's learning about if given the opportunity....Alan thinks I'm weird for showing my two year old someone's grave...but I digress...

at Johnny Appleseed's grave
Anyways, we spent awhile at the park and Ewan is fearless! There were a ton of kids there and of course he wanted to be just like them. He was climbing up the slides (with help of course) and he went up to the highest slide and went down headfirst. I was freaking out that he was going to be hurt at the bottom, but he was just laughing. I love seeing him grow and experience new things!

I thought it was funny that it was 60 degrees and the pond was still frozen.
Later in the day, we had Christmas with my family and celebrated Ewan's birthday. He got a kids' digital camera and it was the best present for him. He LOVES it and has been taking pictures ever since.
reading with Great Grandma Pat
So excited about his camera...cheese!
Cecily with my mom
We also got to see my friend Mary and her husband Dustin and finally meet her son, Dwight. We met up with them at Olive Garden and it was good to see her. Unfortunately, Ewan didn't get a nap and was horrid so we weren't able to visit very long. Hopefully next time!
Mary with Cecily
Me with Dwight

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