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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Christmas Pictures

Yesterday Alan and I took Ewan and Cecily to JC Penney's for their Christmas pictures. I had bought a really cute tutu and hair bow. I had a grandiose idea of how their photos would be...yeah...they didn't turn out that way! I should've known when Cecily had a blowout before we were supposed to go back to the studio. By the time we got back there, she was hungry and not cooperating and Ewan didn't want anything to do with the camera. She got a few decent shots of each kiddo, but we didn't even bother trying to get them together, which is what I really wanted. We have a photo membership thing there that expires in July, but I think that the next time we do pictures we're going to have someone do it that can go on location and get candids because the posing thing definitely didn't work out this time!

Christmas Photos


  1. Cute! My sister is a great photographer! I'll give you her info if you want!

  2. Awe I think they came out cute - but def wish there was some sibling love pics! :)


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