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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Party Planning

I love, love, did I mention LOVE party planning! When we lived in PA I never got to do so, even though we got of this awesome entertaining stuff for our wedding, because we were nowhere close to family and neither of us had many friends outside of work to hang out with. So, when we moved to Evansville I was super excited since I have friends from college here that we hang out with plus it's within a fairly easy driving distance for both our families. However, when we first moved, we lived in a townhouse and with all of our stuff, having more than two additional people there was a nightmare.

Now that we have a house though, it's another story. I'm so excited I can plan events and have people over after this little girl is born. We went to Hobby Lobby today for some things, and they have all their fall and Christmas decorations 40% off at the moment. I'm so excited that I get to actually decorate this year because we have a house. We really don't need to be spending the money right now on decorations though since I could pop any day and we'll be losing part of my income. Do you know how hard it was to keep walking?

I'm planning my sister-in-law's baby shower at our in-laws house, and I have found so many cute ideas for it. She reads my blog though, so unfortunately I can't post anything because I'm determined it's going to be a surprise! I don't really use pinterest much, but I am so tempted to start posting all sorts of random shower ideas so I can actually post the ones I'm using for all to see :-)


  1. HAHAHA - Now I know to start stalking your Pinboards!!! :)

    1. You'll find out the theme soon enough when the invitations go out later this week!

    2. And I've only posted one thing so far...but it could be for anything so ha! :-p


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