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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Parenting Fail

So, last night Ewan was up half the night screaming like he was in pain and would only calm down and sleep if Alan or I rubbed his back or held him. He didn't have a fever, but I kept asking him to show mommy where it hurt, but all he did was cry. Finally, he fell asleep and slept until this when I got up to shower.

This morning I noticed that he had all sorts of crusty discharge around his ear and mentioned to Alan on the way to daycare that I'm sure he has an ear infection and I hope that his ear drum didn't burst. I called his pediatrician and got him an appointment this morning and sure enough, he has a double ear infection and his ear drum did, in fact, burst. My poor baby boy!

I feel like such a horrible mom because my little boy was screaming in pain and I kept saying maybe we should take him to the ER because something is obviously wrong. But, since he didn't have a fever, we held out until the morning. I just did what you shouldn't do and Googled. I know that it will most likely heal fine on its own, but there's the possibility that he could have permanent hearing loss or need surgery to get it to heal properly.

My poor baby boy!


  1. Try not to beat yourself up too hard about it. :-( It happens sometimes.

  2. When Jay's ear burst from his infection early this year the Doc told me that it shouldn't be an issue and will fix itself. You only have to worry if it happens multiple times. Don't feel like a bad parent, I waited until the next morning to take Jay in as well because he didn't have a fever - he cried the whole time even at the Drs office. That pressure builds up and thats what causes the burst, but once that happens all the pressure is released and they don't feel pain anymore...a bright side :)


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