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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Last Appointment

I had my weekly appointment scheduled with my now old obgyn the day after I met with my new obgyn and Alan and I both felt it was the right thing to do to meet with her and tell her in person why I was switching doctors. She had also scheduled a growth u/s too, and I wanted to see the baby and make sure she's where she's supposed to be (as of Thursday, she's right where's she's supposed to be!).

However, the u/s estimated her to be 6lbs 13oz at 36 weeks. While I know that 3rd trimester u/s are notoriously inaccurate, all I could think was great. I went through all the trouble to switch and now everyone's going to be freaked out that's she's going to be huge. My old obgyn played the dead baby card of course, since she's apparently huge, which I know freaked Alan out more than he already is about a vbac. While I am a little nervous about attempting a vbac, I know that I'm making the right decision regardless of the risks and that my doctor won't put either of us in any unnecessary danger. Alan wasn't able to go to my appointment on Wednesday, but he's coming with me this week and I'm so glad he is so that my new doctor can reassure him that everything will be ok.

Now I just have to get him to agree to having a doula in the room with us....

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