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Friday, August 24, 2012

Pre-admission Appointment and Tour

Alan and I went for my pre-admission appointment and hospital tour this week. Definitely brings home how soon this little girl will be a short seven weeks!

I'm really glad this hospital is more up to date with breastfeeding and skin to skin, etc. However, there were several things that have me a little freaked out...

1. Being told that not only do I have to wear the compression cuffs on my legs that inflate and deflate, but I have to wear compression hose underneath them. Umm...I have a hard enough time handling the cuffs, the thought of wearing the hose underneath has set me into a panic. I don't wear socks, hose, stockings, anything restricive like that. I will flip out if they try to force me to wear them. I don't care that they're to prevent blood clots...I'm more than willing to risk it over having a panic attack in the hospital...which leads me to #2

2. I was told that since my c-section is scheduled in the afternoon, I won't be allowed up until the following morning. Wrong! I was up and moving 10 hours after my son was born and I will be again, regardless of whether I have the ok from my ob/nurse. If I have to, I will yank the catheter out and get up myself. Which leads me back to #1....I have a hard time as it is with the thought of not being able to move for 10 hours with that blood clot crap on. Make it 18 and I might have a breakdown.

3. The surgical stay rooms are TINY!! There's barely enough room for Alan much less any visitors. The bed is super narrow as well and there's no place for Alan to sleep other than a loveseat. Also, who puts a recliner in a room with a woman who just had major abdominal surgery?! Since, you know, it will be so easy to rock my little girl, much less get out of it having just been butchered. I will definitely be missing the rocking chair that I had at Crozer.

4. She mentioned something about being hooked up to patient controlled iv pain meds. Again, no. I would much rather take percocet thanks. If I'm hooked up to that crap, then that means more time unable to move and wear that compression crap...see #1 and #2.

I intend to speak to my ob about my concerns at my appointment next week, but my biggest fear is that it will do absolutely no good and I will be steamrollered by the hospital staff with everything I don't want, just like Ewan's birth. I don't do well with being hooked up to things, being told when I can move and when and what I can eat. To me being in the hospital for any reason is like prison. I will freely admit that I am a nurse's worst nightmare, so look out!


  1. I, personally, would let your Dr know what you do not want. They can't force you to do what you do not want to do. If you don't want the hose, tell them. If you get a clot then thats the risk you are taking and they should respect you and your wishes, same thing goes with the medication aftwewards. I hope Dr O answers your questions and helps to make you feel better!! No panic attacks, its not good for Baby Girl!!!!!

    1. I intend on talking to her tomorrow. However, I'm afraid it won't do any good. I told my ob's for E what I did and didn't want and when I was in labor they just told me this is what they're doing and didn't even give me a chance to tell them if it was ok before they went ahead and did it. That is my biggest fear this time around. That my wishes won't be taken into consideration and they'll just do whatever because they "feel it's best" regardless. And by that point I'll be numb and unable to move from the belly down, plus there will be a curtain up so I can't see what's going on, so how am I going to stop them.

  2. I had those cuff things on, but only while in recovery. And it honestly wasn't that bad. (I'm like you hate socks, etc), it wasn't a bother because I still couldn't feel my legs real well, so I couldn't tell I had them on. lol.

    I was also told the same thing about getting up and moving, and I was up that night as well (Son's c-section was at 12:50). Even got a shower in the next morning.

    But def talk to your doctor and let him know your birth plan. Remember they work for you!

    By the way, I'm so excited for you!! It's getting close!

    1. While I can't stand them, I can handle the cuff things. It's the thought of having to wear compression hose beneath them for 10 odd hours that sends me into a panic. Those things are gonna itch and make my legs sweat...don't even get me started! I had the cuffs with my son and that's it, so I don't see the need for the other stuff too. My appointment is tomorrow and that will be the first thing I mention, don't worry :-)


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