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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

This Is Genius!

I love zucchini, but Alan hates it and Ewan, well, it's a struggle to get him to eat anything but cheese and bread most days. So, I rarely eat zucchini.

Well, I came across these recipes zucchini pizza bites and zucchini tots today. Both Alan and Ewan love pizza and tater tots...now I have a way to make everyone happy.


They Are So Cute!

Saturday we went to dinner with our friends, the Maurers, and then hung out at their house for a bit afterwards. Their daughter, Anya, is 7 months older than Ewan and they are so cute when they play together. Ewan was having such a good time that he threw a fit when it was time to leave!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Lost Pictures!

I am so mad! We went to Holiday World today with my brother and sister in law and their kids. Before we got rained out, I took some really cute pictures of Ewan playing with his cousins and when I went to transfer them off my sd card onto my laptop, there was an error and they got deleted!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

And A Photo

Ewan on the 4th of July, the day before turning eighteen months

18 Months!

Ewan is now 18 months old! Where has the time gone? I cannot believe my baby boy is now closer to two. He is such a big boy who wants to do everything mommy and daddy do. His language has exploded, these are just a few of the things he can say: mommy, daddy, mamaw, papaw, cat, dog, bird, duck, no, yeah,  hello, bye, stop, milk, drink, towel, head, hair, mine, there you go, thank you, Holly, Alan, car, baby...I can't remember them all. He likes to brush his hair and his teeth. The kid LOVES to read and loves to sing and dance with me. Maybe I have a future musician on my hands!

How did Ewan celebrate turning 18 months? By getting pinkeye! Poor kid, I felt so bad for him because he doesn't understand and the fight that ensues to give him eyedrops is awful. Luckily his eyes have cleared up and neither Alan nor I also got it. I've had it twice, both as an adult, so I was a little nuts about making sure it didn't spread to us!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Ewan and Mommy's Day

Saturday, Ewan and I hung out just the two of us for most of the day so Alan could get some stuff unpacked around the house. Since it was over 90 degrees by 10AM, we went to the mall and had lunch at Chik fil-A and walked around for a bit. Whenever the train that runs around the mall passed us, Ewan just stared...I'm thinking a trip on the French Lick Scenic Railway may be in our future next spring! I also got some really good deals on clothes for Ewan and Baby Girl and at Crazy 8 and The Children's Place. While there, we ran into an old friend from college, Brie and her family, so we got to catch up for a bit. It's so funny because I always see her when I'm out and about somewhere.

After we left the mall, we stopped at Babies R Us to pick up another baby gate since we have so many stairs in our house. Unfortunately, they didn't have the one we wanted, so we just walked around and looked at all the cute baby clothes. I was so good because I didn't buy anything!

Our last stop was Target, where I picked up a few groceries and got a few things we need for the house. It was a really great day with my favorite little boy. I'm so glad to have him back from mamaw and papaw's!
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