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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Happy Birthday Anya!

Ewan's buddy, Anya, had her 2nd birthday party yesterday. Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures because I forgot my camera! We all had a good time though. Ewan loved playing in the Maurer's backyard and he wouldn't stay out of Anya's little tykes car, even though he kept tipping it over! I think Alan and I are going to have to get one of those for him soon. He also liked going down the slide. A lot. We're planning on getting him a playset at the end of the summer when they go on sale/clearance. I'm glad to know that he will enjoy it.
Anya's party had an M&M theme since she loves them. Her cake was really cute, and made by her grandma. She got lots of presents and somehow almost everyone got her something related to Mickey Mouse. We got her a Mickey Mouse book set and food for her kitchen. Ewan has the same books and absolutely loved them, so we figured she would like them as well. It was so funny because when she opened them, Ewan thought they were his and wouldn't put them down!

Alan and I both have colds, so we started to feel pretty bad, so we went home to take a nap, well Ewan and I at least :-) Alan went back to the house to tear up more carpet in the bedrooms and Ewan and I joined him later. We ordered pizza and had a picnic on the front porch. Eric, Rachel and Anya stopped by on their way to dinner and we gave them a quick tour. It will be so nice to have them back when everything is finished!

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