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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Oh, Federal Government...

So, I go to pay my student loan tonight...only to find that the amount has been paid in full. Thinking "hmm...this is odd, seeing as I didn't do that," I finally find somewhere on the website stating that my loan has been transferred, but it doesn't say to whom. I call the loan servicer and the automated system tells me where it was transferred, so I go to that company's website. I'm supposed to receive a "welcome" letter, yet I haven't received it and my loan is due in a week. Good thing I decided to check as to why the payment hadn't been deducted yet, otherwise I'd be receiving collection calls from a company I have never heard of. Thanks Federal Government...you suck!


  1. Taxes?? I owe $5,500 to a student loan.. Shame :/ but true. And we filed our tax return and thought we were getting one amount back, but ended up getting that much deducted back. After several calls and finally a letter. They took the amount of the loan out of our income tax return! I was so livid. :( Hope that didn't happen to you. On the bright side, at least the bill our payed for!

  2. OMG! I would flip! Luckily, I caught it before it got that far. I just not have 2 payments that came out this month because one payment had already been deducted to the old loan servicer, but can take up to TWO MONTHS to post to the new loan servicer. We're starting the process of buying a house and I don't want that on my credit report, so I set up a payment with the new servicer. Some notice before the transfer would've been nice though!


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