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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Ewan's First Birthday

We actually had THREE birthday parties for Ewan's first birthday. While I love entertaining, that was a lot of work and I think next year we will be having one party here in Evansville and everyone can come to us!

New Year's weekend, we drove up to Fort Wayne to celebrate Christmas and Ewan's birthday with my family. We had a small celebration with just family at my aunt's house. Ewan got a lot of bath toys, some clothes from my mom's trip to Florida in December and my aunt made him an activity book. She's an excellent seamstress and made several of my baby blankets, one of which is now Ewan's. My aunt was also nice enough to watch Ewan New Year's Eve for us and we were able to go to m friend Mary's NYE party for a bit. Sadly, I was falling asleep before midnight so we left around 11! We left that Monday to come back to Evansville and it was snowing up there. Let me say, that was quite possibly one of the scariest trips from Ft. Wayne to Evansville I have ever made. What should've been a 5 hour trip turned into 7.5 because I465 was complete ice in Indianapolis and I70 was closed it was so bad and we wound up having to take IN 57 the rest of the way. There were portions of the highway that were a complete whiteout. I was in the back seat with Ewan while Alan was freaking out driving. I just shut my eyes and tried to sleep most of the way. Thankfully we got home safely.

We celebrated Ewan's actual birthday (a Thursday) at our place. We had several friends, their daughter and my brother and sister in law and their son over. I got a bunch of Papa Murphy's pizzas and made cupcakes. We ate, Ewan opened gifts and then chowed down on his cupcake. He got more Little People sets, a ride on firetruck, Trio blocks, Legos and a basketball hoop for this summer. The party was a major success!

The following Saturday, we had a party in Louisville for Alan's family at his parents' house. I made all the food (appetizers) and cupcakes. I decided to enlighten them and make healthy foods that they normally wouldn't eat. It was a success - almost all of the food was eaten, and even the kids liked it! Ewan got another ride on toy, a push walker that has an interactive tv function, a stoneware bank and a savings bond. I'm really glad everything went well!

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