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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas #1

Alan and I had our little Christmas with just us and Ewan on Friday. We went to Alan's family for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day this year. I will admit that I was pretty upset that Ewan's first Christmas wasn't with my family. However, I tried to make the best of it because we're going to see my family to celebrate Christmas and Ewan's birthday this weekend.

We got to Louisville Saturday around noon and hung out at Alan's parents for a bit before going to his aunt's house for the Higgins extended family Christmas Eve dinner. I had never been before and it was ok. There were tons of people there that I didn't know, but they all loved Ewan! Probably the highlight of the evening was when I got to play around on their piano after a lot of people had left. I was surprised that I was able to read both the right and left hand....together!

We then went to Alan's grandparent's house, where we all exchanged gifts. I knew that Ewan was getting TONS of stuff from his grandparents, but he still got a decent amount from his great-grandparents, great great grandma and great aunts and uncles. Alan and I got a couple gift cards and some cash. I took lots of pictures!

Christmas morning we spent with Ewan and his cousin Jayden opening their gifts from Santa. Alan's other brother came over with his wife and kids around noon and we had lunch then opened the gifts from his parents and brothers. Let me just say the amount of gifts there was ridiculous! They bought Ewan more gifts than we did! He didn't make it through opening all of his gifts and I wound up opening the rest after everyone had left. I think all the people, noise and paper he wasn't allowed to eat was too much for him. He got lots of toys and TONS of clothes. We have to ration his toys throughout the rest of the year ha!

And Ewan just woke up so I will have to post pictures later. Night all!

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