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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Aces Homecoming

This weekend is UE's homecoming and as part of the festivities, Alan and I went to the Fiddick Lecture last night. The Fiddick Lecture is an annual history lecture. While I was a history major, I sadly never went to much having to do with my department. I was too concerned with partying! Now that we're back in Evansville, I'm trying to be more involved with the History Department and UE in general as an alumna. The lecture itself was ok. I personally thought the speaker was a little all over the place and it was somewhat difficult to follow. However, there was this guy behind us that was hacking up a lung the whole time, which was really annoying me. Turns out it was Dr. Gugin! He "asked" a question that turned out to be a story about him and Dr. Fiddick playing golf. Totally random, but it was so him. A lot of the older alumni in the audience (myself included sadly!) thought it was hilarious because we knew him while at UE. The current students as well as Alan thought he was nuts I'm sure! There was a history reception at the May House afterwards and Alan and I stopped by for a bit. We had told Chris and Megan that we would pick Ewan up around 9 and since the lecture ran late, we were only able to stay about 20 minutes or so. I would've loved to have stayed longer, but such is the life of a parent! At least I did get to speak to several of my former professors.

This afternoon we went to the Aces basketball game at the Ford Center downtown. I had bought tickets for the homecoming game v. Butler and it was a really good game! Both Alan and I figured they would get stomped because Butler is a really good team. And for awhile it seemed that way. But, in the second half, UE came back and wound up winning in overtime! I don't know that much about basketball, but there was a weird call at the end. Butler scored to win it right at the end buzzer. However, the refs had to review it because it was too close to call. Apparently, they couldn't decide so they fouled a UE player (which apparently isn't allowed in hindsight) and gave the player from Butler a chance for free throws. However, he missed both of them and the game went into overtime.

I was so excited to take Ewan to a game. I haven't been to one since I went to a Ball State v. UE game at BSU while in grad school. I actually caught myself tearing up because I love exposing Ewan to new things, especially things that mean a lot to me.

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