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Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween 2011

Saturday afternoon/evening, Alan, Ewan and I went to our friend Eric's 30th birthday party at Burdette Park. It was a costume party, but Alan and I were both lame and didn't dress up. At least we put Ewan in a Halloween outfit though! Last night, Alan and I took Ewan to Boo at the Zoo. He did a lot better than we expected, although he was seriously perturbed by his costume, not to mention everyone else in costume! His daycare had a Halloween party today, but we decided to put him in his glow in the dark skeleton jammies because we knew there was no way he would go all day with his monster costume on! Tonight, we stayed at home to greet our trick or treaters...however, we had THREE! Talk about lame! Apparently the kids in our neighborhood go trick or treating elsewhere or at one of the Trunk or Treats around town. I guess now we know for next year!

Giving us his monster face

Happy Halloween!


  1. Meh, it's hard to come up with a costume now. I ended up putting on a witch hat. That was my sum total, LOL. I'm happy Dylan even wore something.

    Ewan looks so cute in his costumes!


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