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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Speaking of Entertaining...

Alan and I had my friend Melanie and her boyfriend, Danny, over for dinner Friday night. I was going to grill chicken marinated with my aunt's awesome recipe, but the marinade killed the charcoal so I had to cook them on the stove. Oops! Other than the chicken, I made corn on the cob, green beans and peach cobbler. Yummy!
 After dinner, we all went to the pool for a swim. Ewan has finally warmed up to the pool and loves the water. I can't wait to take him back to the lake in a month!

Saturday we went to Louisville. Alan and I were originally supposed to go to a retreat this weekend for work, but it got postponed. But, we decided to go to Louisville for the rest of the weekend anyways. We had originally intended on staying Saturday night since Alan's parents were already going to be watching Ewan. So, I FINALLY got to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. It was ok. I'm a little disappointed with the final battle. I thought it would be much more than it was. I will also admit that I'm a little sad that it's all over. Yes, I know I'm a nerd :-)

Today was our niece, Grace's 4th birthday party. Her actual birthday is tomorrow, but since that's a Monday, we celebrated today. She got some really nice stuff, but the best present was the swingset her parents bought for her and her sister, Kate. I always wanted a swingset as a kid, and they have an awesome one with a climbing wall, three swings, a slide, sandbox and playhouse at the top. Seriously awesome. I didn't even think to bring my camera and I should have because there was a really cute photo of Grace, Kate and Ewan.

All in all, it was a great weekend. I'm so not ready to go to work tomorrow!

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