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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy 4th of July!

We went up to my family's lake house in northeast Indiana for 4th of July weekend. All of three of us had a blast! We drove up from Alan's parents house in Louisville Saturday morning and got there around noon. I took Ewan swimming for the first time. He wasn't so sure about it, but he didn't freak out. A bunch of my family was up there and we had a cookout before the fireworks. We normally go out in the boat for the fireworks, but we thought Ewan might be scared of them so Alan and I stayed at the house. My grandma, aunt, great-aunt and uncle went. Sunday, we just hung out at the house. We were going to take Ewan on his first boat ride, but he's too big for the life jacket I bought! Neither Alan nor I were comfortable taking him out in the boat without a life jacket on so I'm going to try to find an infant one that fits better. Next time we're up there, he'll be going in the boat though! Today we went to the outlet mall before making the 6 hour drive back to Evansville. We actually got back in time to see the fireworks here in town, but we were all exhausted so we decided just take it easy this evening.

Flotilla - my camera batteries had died so Alan caught the end of it
Yum! Carrots!
Gorgeous sunset
With Grandma
I just love watching him experience new things. Especially at the lake since it's a place that is dear to my heart.


  1. Omg he is one of the Cutest babies I've seen in awhile besides my own and my niece and nephew! Has it seemed like a quick 6 months to you?

  2. He is adorable! Can't believe how big he's getting!

  3. Yes! I feel like I will blink and he'll be starting kindergarten!


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