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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

Alan, Ewan and I were looking forward to a relaxing weekend at the lake and after driving 6 hours immediately after work on Friday, we were so ready!

Well, the weekend didn't turn out as we'd hoped. Friday and Saturday were unusually cool and it was freezing at the lake, which I was fully prepared for. What I wasn't was for the furnace at the lake house to be broken.After an absolutely freezing night, we couldn't get the pilot light lit on the water heater so we made the decision to stay in Fort Wayne the rest of the weekend. I was so upset. I love going to the lake and after having only been there a few times the last several years since we lived in PA, I couldn't wait to share it with Ewan. He saw the inside of the house and spent about 10 minutes along the seawall while I was talking to the neighbors.

Before we headed to the Fort and to dinner with Dustin and Mary, we hit up the outlet mall, which we had planned to do already. We did buy a couple things for ourselves, but boy did we buy stuff for Ewan. There are just so many cute kids clothes out there!

On Sunday we met Sarah and Hunter at the zoo. Ewan wasn't feeling well from his shots on Friday and was cranky the entire time. It was also ridiculously HOT! What a difference a day makes... It was nice to see Sarah though.

Memorial Day was my grandma's 88th birthday and we had a lunch at my aunt and uncle's house. Everyone of course enjoying seeing Ewan.

Now, of course, pictures!

at Cebollas

playing in the fountain at the zoo

Happy Birthday Great Grandma Pat!

watching the race with Great Uncle Jerry

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