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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Four Months and an Update

Ok, so Ewan turned four months two weeks ago, but better late than never!

At his four month doctor appointment he weighed 14lbs8oz and was 25 inches long. He's rolling over like it's nobody's business, laughs out loud and starting this weekend has started reaching for people (I was first, sorry mamaw!)

He didn't get his shots because he had an ear infection :( He had been super clingy all weekend and wouldn't take a bottle, but didn't have a temperature, so we just thought he was being picky or something. Since he had his appointment on Monday, I didn't press it. I feel so bad because his little ears were probably hurting all weekend. Holly and Alan=Parenting FAIL

He's been on antibiotics and seems to be feeling a lot better so that's good!

We've had a busy few weeks and it isn't over yet! Last weekend was Alan's parents' yard sale in Louisville, this weekend we went to St. Louis and hung out with Alan's brother, his fiance and their kid and saw my friend Mindy and her daughter Aria, who are visiting her parents from Wisconsin (There will be a post on this weekend in the near future!). Next weekend we're going to the lake and seeing my family and friends and the weekend after that is Anya's first birthday.

I can honestly say that we have done so much more with so many people in the almost three months that we've been back in Indiana than we did in the entire three years we lived in Pennsylvania!

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