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Monday, April 18, 2011


On Sunday, Ewan and I went for a walk along the new greenway trail in Newburgh with Melanie. I used to rollerblade on the River Greenway in Fort Wayne and in Muncie all the time. When we moved to PA, I stopped because I couldn't find a decent trail in the area and I've really missed it. Well, I think I've found one! It just opened and it's really nice. I'll be able to take Ewan and walk or rollerblade if I want.

We also decided to invite Melanie and Rachel, Eric and Anya over for an impromptu dinner. We were going to grill out, but it cooled down considerably so we decided to just make dinner instead. I made teriyaki chicken kabobs with rice. If I must say so myself, they were awesome. We haven't entertained since before we moved to PA so it's been really nice to be able to hang out with and have people over!

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  1. Mmm those kabobs sound delicious! So glad you guys have friends around again. I know it was a little lonely for you out in PA. :)


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