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Monday, April 18, 2011

Harlaxton Reunion

The 40th anniversary of UE's Harlaxton study abroad program is this year, and the UE celebration was this past weekend. When I found out about it, I really wanted to go since I knew that there's no way we would be able to go on the alumni trip to England this summer for the celebration there. When we decided we were moving to Evansville, I was excited because I knew that I would get to go to something.

My friend Steph, her husband Chris and her sister Kayla came down from Chicago for the celebration and it was really good to see them. I haven't hung out with Steph other than at weddings since before I started grad school and I've only seen Chris and their wedding and at mine. I actually ran into them after I checked in at the new student union, which is really nice for those of you that haven't been there yet. The parking lot that was next to Hughes and Graves is gone and it is now a plaza.

Oh yeah, for my Moore Hall friends, I found a spot on Rotherwood and managed to wedge my car in. It may be 10 years later and with a different car, but things never change ha!

While Steph went to talk with her archaeology professors, I went up the stairs to the history department to see who all was up there. I haven't been good about keeping in touch with my former professors, so I wasn't sure if they would even remember me, but they did (or at least they said so!). I had a really good chat with Dr. Gahan and Dr. Parks and Dr. Gahan wants me to be on an alumni panel to speak to humanities students about career opportunities that are out there. I'm glad to do it and even more glad that I'm finally using my degrees to be able to do so!

I spent a little too much time chatting with them and missed the majority of Dr. Bujak's lecture, which is what I really wanted to catch, but I was able to hear the end of it and what I did hear was interesting. It was on the history of the manor, which we all know the basics, but this was much more in depth, and it's stuff that I do in my work now. I didn't get a chance to talk to him other than say a quick hello because he was mobbed by students afterward and I really wish I would've gotten the chance. I wasn't able to go to anything that was going on on Saturday because Alan and I had promised my inlaws that we would bring Ewan to see them since my family's coming down for Easter this weekend. I guess that means I better get my butt on a plane sooner rather than later to visit Harlaxton!

Steph and I in front of our old home, Moore Hall
Alan, Ewan and I met Chris and Steph at the Gerst Haus for dinner later in the evening. That was one of the restaurants on my list of places to take Alan and it was yummy as usual. They came over and hung out at our place for a bit and Rachael D, who had gotten into town that evening came over as well. I haven't seen her in years either so it was great to catch up with everyone!


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