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Tuesday, February 22, 2011


So I had gallbladder surgery today. People kept telling me that it's cake, in and out in a day, minimal pain, etc.


I'm in more pain now than I was after my c section. My shoulders ache something awful because of the gas pains, my abdomen and side hurt so bad I can barely move and can't take deep breaths because I'm in so much pain. I feel like I need to burp constantly and I can't because it hurts so bad, so it's trapped, which makes breathing even harder.

Plus. I feel like I have to pee all the time, except that when I go to the bathroom, only a trickle comes out. wtf?!

Oh yeah, my mouth is so incredibly dry I can barely talk. I have NO saliva. The only thing I can eat is soup, everything else I have to wash down because it gets stuck in my throat.

I was given percocet, but they barely dull the pain. This is nuts. I can't even pick up my child and I'm going to have to pump to feed him. Luckily I had built up a bit of a stash so he's only had a little formula today. As much as I've bitched about breastfeeding, I actually do like it some. I love looking into his intelligent little eyes as he's eating - the looks he gives me are precious. I'm nervous about my supply dropping in the next few days. I was told to pump and dump for 24 hours and even though kellymom.com says you can breastfeed, I'm going to be cautious. It does suck to see all that milk being dumped though.

Sorry this is so jumbled. I really hope this pain stops soon. As in, tomorrow!

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