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Monday, January 31, 2011

Back in PA

Well, we're back in PA after our visit to Indiana and Kentucky. Not gonna lie, I'm glad we're done traveling for awhile!

While we were in the Midwest, we made a trip to Evansville and Ewan got to meet Rachel, Eric, Anya and Melanie. I was really bad about getting pictures so unfortunately there aren't any. We're hoping to make another trip out there this spring and I will make sure to take some then.

I did however get a couple of my family and Ewan. 

Four generations! Ewan, Mommy, Grandma and Great Grandma

Great Grandma Pat so excited she finally got to meet Ewan

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  1. Glad you're home safe and sound!

    I think it's so, so awesome your Great Grandma has the chance to meet Ewan. :-) That's such a great memory to share with him when he's older.

    I was so happy my grandfather got to meet Dylan before he passed. He was such a surly old man, but he genuinely liked my happy little dude.


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