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Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Tourist

Alan and I saw The Tourist this weekend. I know I said that Harry Potter would be the last movie we saw in the theater before the goober arrives, but apparently I was wrong. Alan said that if I haven't had the baby by next weekend, then we're going to see Tron...yay...come on Gizmo! :-)

Anyways, I really liked the film. It takes place in Paris and Venice, two places I've been and really liked. Not only were Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp in it, but Paul Bettany and Rufus Sewell, two actors I also really like. For those of you that don't know who they are, Paul Bettany was the lead in Wimbledon and played Chaucer in A Knight's Tale. Rufus Sewell was the "bad" knight in A Kight's Tale and he was also in The Holiday.

I'm not going to give away the ending, but you should see it!

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