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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Happy Christmas!

This is a day late, but Happy Christmas! (as the Brits would say)

What did we do you ask? Obviously, we didn't go anywhere since I could go into labor any time now. Alan, my mom and I opened gifts in the morning and then Alan and I made a yummy Christmas lunch of ham, mashed potatoes, green bean and tomato casserole, stuffing, cinnamon bread and my yummy weight watchers chili cheese dip. A lot of food for three people...oops! At least we'll have leftovers for several days!

We were going to save Gizmo's gifts and open them when he's born, but Alan and I opened them anyway since we're impatient for his arrival. As a newborn, he wouldn't really be able to open them anyways...right? :-) We also gave the cats their stocking of cat toys, which are now strewn throughout the apartment. Whenever we move, we're going to find so many toys in random spots because of those troublemakers!

Other than that, we watched movies for the rest of the day, including one of my all time favorites, The Holiday. My mom had never seen it, so I was more than willing to give her the opportunity! 

Today is my mom's birthday, and she opened gifts in the morning and then we braved the snow and went to lunch. Alan was totally freaking out that we went out in it, but we went right after it started and it wasn't bad at all out. We're supposed to get anywhere from 6-10 inches tonight and tomorrow. I made the comment about how funny it would be if I went into labor during the snowstorm...we'll see if it happens!

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