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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Maryland Meetup

I met Shanna and her daughter Breanna today at the outlets in Queenstown, MD. Since she lives just outside of DC and we're just outside of Philly, we try to get together every few months. Normally we meet around Baltimore, but we decided to try something different this time. It's crazy to think that the next time I see her, I will have a little goober of my own!

Since Alan and I really have no friends out here, it was really nice to see her and hang out for a bit. We both have people we talk to at work, but no one that we can hang out with. The one friend I did have in the Philly area moved back home to Nebraska last month. I know she was missing home and needed to be back, but I was really sad to see her go!

On another note, my aunt and cousins were in Philadelphia last week because Dustin had an interview. He's supposed to find out if he got the position in the next couple of weeks. I really hope he does. It would be nice to have family out here and I know Alan would like to have a guy he can hang out with!

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