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Sunday, April 11, 2010

New Furniture!

So Alan and I decided to basically get an entire new living room set minus the couch yesterday. We had been in Target on Friday night (it's how we kill time after dinner before going to the movies) and saw this entertainment center that we both really liked. Well, when we went grocery shopping yesterday, we looked at it again and also looked at the side tables, desk and bookshelf that go with it. Alan wanted to measure his receiver to make sure that it would fit in the entertainment center, but if it did, we were coming back to get everything. When we got home, Alan measured while I looked at the entire collection online. Come to find out that there's a bedroom, office, dining and living room set. So...we bought everything! j/k! Seriously, we wound up going back to purchase the desk, hutch, bookshelf, entertainment center and side tables. I eventually want to get the couch table, desk chair and filing cabinet that go with it. There's a coffee table as well, but i made a deal with Alan that he gets his metal and glass coffee table for allowing me to have the rest of the living room set. We won't get another couch until we move, and I like the couch we have just fine. Almost all the old furniture is stuff Alan bought at an auction when he moved to Muncie for grad school. It's so nice to finally have stuff that "our's"!

I'm stuck at work at the moment, but Alan's busy putting everything together as I type. Our living room looked like we just moved in yesterday and this morning. I can't wait to get home to see what everything looks like.

Here's the collection from Target's website:

Manhattan Living Room Collection
Manhattan Home Office Collection

I know, I know. It's from Target, right. But hey, Target has a lot of stuff we like. And, it's not too expensive, but not so cheap that it falls apart immediately either.

I will post pics of our living room when I get home tonight!

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