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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Flower Show!

So this weekend was a weekend of flowers...yesterday we went to Longwood Gardens and renewed our garden pass. We haven't been since the summer and I was very glad to go again. I got some really good photos of flowers...probably my best yet!I'm thinking of taking my mom and grandma when they come up over Easter.

Today we went to the Philadelphia Flower Show. Alan took me last year, and I really enjoyed it. This year's theme was Passport Around the World and there were gardens representing India, Brazil, Singapore, Ireland and South Africa. It was cool, but it seemed like the focus this year was less on flowers and more on greenery.

This is from the South African section.

I thought the lobster was cute.

One of my favorite places to go is the market, but this year was kind of lame I thought. Alan and I found some really cool painted tin ceiling tiles from an architectural salvage place, but this year we didn't find anything. I did buy some seeds for my garden this year. I've decided to branch out from what I grew last year. I can't wait until planting season begins in May!

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