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Sunday, January 17, 2010

On a Totally Unrelated Note

I've found that I'm really missing the Fort lately. I was looking on Facebook at friends' pages that still are there, and I'm finding that I really would like to move back. Obviously, not into my mom's, but into a place of our own. I can see myself raising kids there. We're talking about trying to conceive this spring and I really don't want to be out here when our kids start school. Now, I don't see us here that long, but you never know. I know that we will almost never be able to afford a home out here...well that's not true, we could probably afford one now for around what we pay in rent. But, we don't want to buy a home here when we're planning on moving within the next year or so.
I guess I just really want a place of our own. I want to be able to create a nursery for our children. Here, the "nursery" will be a crib stuff into our spare bedroom because we have so much stuff in there already. I know that if we get pregnant on the first try, or shortly thereafter, that the baby will most likely be born here. I just don't want to raise them here.
It's so weird, I've always wanted to live on the East Coast, and now that I'm here, I really want to go home.

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