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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Christmas Already?!

Well, we put up our tree today. It seems a little weird to be putting up a Christmas tree before Thanksgiving, but we had to since I work all next weekend. We did go see Trans Siberian Orchestra last night, so I guess we're in the Festive spirit now.

Not much else is going on. Been enjoying the weekend and trying to get rid of this cold that I can't seem to shake.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Ugh...Bad Day!

So, if you haven't noticed...I cannot stand my job. Yes, I should be grateful that I have a job right now...BUT...I work at Target. And I have a Master's degree. It's extremely depressing to think that I'm stocking shelves while my grad school friends have jobs in our field...I made my choice to move to be with Alan and I know's just frustrating! my dept (market), out back wall of juice and water is all sorts of whack since the produce remodel. My co-Team Leader will never fix it, so it gets pushed off on me. I pick today as the day I'm gonna start working on it...yeah...It took me 10 hours to get 16' finished because I was getting pulled left and right to do other I was supposed to have help, and I had 1 person for 5 hours, which was nice, but not nearly enough! entire life was that place before my wedding and it was so nice not to have to deal with it for 2 weeks while we were gone. I swore that I wouldn't go back to that and guess what? Two weeks after we get back from our honeymoon and I'm living at the store. AGAIN.

I so need a new job!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Well, I've come over to the dark side...I've decided to give up on LiveJournal except for communities I belong to since hardly anyone ever posts there anymore. Don't really know how much I'll update this...and it'll mostly be my rantings and ravings about various things. Just a friendly warning!
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