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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Cameron Nine Months

Cameron is nine months old today. Just three more to go until he's one. I say this every time but it blows my mind. This past year, while much harder than I imagined has been a whirlwind. Now that we're going into spring (maybe - we had snow and ice earlier this week!) I'm starting to plan my garden, enjoy the outdoors more and really start planning someone's first birthday. Eek!

Little man is currently sick with a cold and pretty grouchy. A couple nights ago he had a barking cough and fever so I think it's actually croup. I was able to get a few smiles this morning though. He is normally super happy so I know he doesn't feel good, poor guy. 

He is very slowly Army crawling, but only when he's really motivated for something. I keep waiting for him to just take off but maybe he'll be one of those kids who skips crawling? Who knows. He still loves food and gets mad when you eat in front of him. At my in-laws last weekend my mother-in-law gave Ewan a sandwich and boy did Cameron not like that. He cut his third tooth and it looks like at least one more will be coming soon. 

He definitely has some separation anxiety and I have to be within reach at pretty much all times. He babbles all the time but when he sees someone he doesn't know he just stares. It cracks me up at the grocery because you can hear him throughout the store but when the cashier tries to talk to him, silence. 

We're taking the kids to Washington D.C. over spring break so it'll be interesting to see how he does on the trip. The rest of us are super excited though!

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Anthem 5k 2018

This past Saturday I ran the Anthem 5k in Louisville with a friend of mine. We ran it together back in 2016 too. Back then it was her first race postpartum and while this technically wasn't my first postpartum race, I consider it to be because the Thanksgiving Day race I did was accidental since I missed the turn around for the one mile. 

I came into this race with no expectations because while I have been running regularly and training for a couple ten milers and a half coming up this spring, it's been super hard. I really just wanted to finish and have fun spending time with my friend. This year they did corrals based on the predicted finish time you put and we got put into the second to last corral. No biggie we thought as we lined up. Until we noticed what appeared to be walkers all around us. We slowly started inching forward and to the sides because we knew we were going to have to dodge them. 

And boy did we! We spend the entire race dodging walkers, some of whom were walking the entire width of the street. Which for those of you non runners, is super annoying and really bad etiquette. Our official time was 43:16 with a pace of 13:56, but it's not really accurate. That's based on running 3.1 miles, when according to my watch I ran 3.24 miles in 43:22 with a pace of 13:22 a mile. The discrepancy is because of all the weaving. 

We had a lot of fun catching up and will be running the first of my 10 milers together in April, also in Louisville. I didn't take any photos but my friend loves selfies, so here's one of us after the race. 

Monday, February 19, 2018

Cameron Eight Months

I'm flabbergasted that I'm writing Cam's eight month update. His first year has been flying by and while he's at a really fun age now, I'm so not ready for my baby to be one. 

He turned eight months old on the 15th and loves life. He sits up very well and manages to move himself generally where he wants to go even though he's not crawling. The other two were crawling by eight months so I keep telling myself every kid is different and not to freak out. He is very verbal and constantly babbling though so maybe he's working on that right now instead. I'm pretty sure he was yelling at me a few days ago when one of his toys got out of his reach and he wanted me to get it. This kid can also eat. He just goes to town with whatever we give him.

As for me, physically this kid has wreaked havoc on my body during pregnancy and I'm still dealing with some issues. It's incredibly frustrating and I'm just over it. Stupid hormones. I am finally getting into a regular running/workout routine and that is really nice. Especially considering I have a 10 mile race and a half marathon coming up this spring. Now if only my running clothes fit...
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