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Friday, January 19, 2018

Cameron Seven Months

Cameron turned seven months old last Monday. I was looking at his monthly stickers and it made me a little sad to realize that he only has a few left and that these months of babyhood before he turns one are going to fly by. I already have ideas for his first birthday but I'm trying not to think about that too much...

While wobbly, he can sit up for short periods before toppling over. He has definitely found his feet and chews on them constantly. He now has two teeth and is sure to try to put anything and everything into his mouth to test them out. He has started eating some solids, a mixture of purees and baby led weaning. Basically if you're eating he wants to be too, although Momma's milk is still his favorite. 

This kid loves to laugh and one of his favorite games is to grab your face and push it every which way. It's apparently the funniest thing ever. Now if only we could get to sleep longer than 2 hour stretches at night again...

Powder and Domino

We are surrendering our almost 12 year old cats today. For the last five years they have lived in our spare bedroom since one has horrible anxiety. Now that we have Cameron, that room is becoming his bedroom. We've tried several times to find a home for them with no luck. So to the shelter they go.

I know that they deserve more attention and care than what we have given them, but that doesn't mean I don't feel horrible about it. My grad school roommates adopted them when they were six weeks and eight weeks old and they've been with me ever since. They moved from IN to PA and back to IN. I'm terrified that they won't be adopted and will live the rest of their lives in a tiny cage. I'm upset that they're leaving the only home they've known and are going to be so scared and confused.Alan thinks I'm being ridiculous but I'm entitled to feel how I feel and my feelings are valid. Right now I feel like crap.  

Sunday, December 31, 2017

2017 in Review

I haven't blogged most of 2017, mainly because life has been busy and I just haven't had or made the time to sit down and do it. So here's our year in review.

Ewan turned 6.

We found out we were having a boy, although no one that doesn't know me in person knew I was pregnant yet.

I finally revealed that we were expecting baby #3. I took the kids on a road trip for a few days over spring break. 

We celebrated Easter in Louisville and I found out my mom was really sick. Wound up making an emergency trip to Northern Indiana at 34 weeks pregnant. 

Celebrated Mother's Day and friends threw me a Blessingway. It was such an amazing, empowering experience that I needed with all the anxiety I had during my pregnancy. 

Cameron made his arrival! His birth, much like my pregnancy, was frought with twists and turns, followed by a week of dealing with jaundice and bili light. 

Adjusting to being a mom of three was a lot harder than I thought and we spent most of our days hanging around the house with a few trips to the park, YMCA and library mixed in. We also drove out to a sunflower field for an impromptu kids photo shoot.

Back to school: Ewan started 1st grade and Cecily started pre-k. We drove down to Murray, KY to experience the eclipse only to have a cloud go in front of the sun during totality! I started running again and made the decision to not return to work. 

We made a trip up to the lake for Labor Day and my family finally got to meet Cameron. At the end of the month we made a trip to Louisville and pumpkin patch so Alan's extended family could meet him as well. 

October: Our busy season hit. Alan turned 34, Cecily turned 5. We celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary. We celebrated her birthday as a family by going to French Lick for the weekend to ride the train and stay in a hotel and Alan, Cameron and I went hiking for our anniversary. I accompanied Cecily on her class field trip to the pumpkin patch and we took our yearly family photos. 

We celebrated Thanksgiving with Alan's family in Louisville. As usual I was sick over Thanksgiving and had registered to run a race that day. I made the decision to do the 1.25 mi fun run but missed then turn and ran the five mile race anyway. Oops!

December: I turned 36! Cecily sliced open her chin at school as my birthday present. We watched the kids in their Christmas programs at their respective schools. We did a one mile family fun walk through the Fantasy of Lights and then drove through the Carnival of Lights and went to see Santa, our annual family tradition. Santa visited our house on Christmas Eve and then we celebrated Christmas in Louisville with Alan's family. I had big plans for winter break with the kids. Go to the zoo, children's museum, Skyzone, the YMCA. Almost all foiled by Alan, Cameron and I being sick. 

I have big plans for 2018 in all aspects of life and hope to blog more about what's going on (although I post on Instagram all the time if you want to be even more up to date). Happy New Year!
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